Designing Kitchen and Baths

Kitchen and bath designs are the projects we especially love!  Most people spend a great deal of time in each area. Designing a space that incorporates luxury and personalized design while improving function and traffic flow are just a few of the ways our kitchen and bath designs have exceeded our client's expectations.

Selection of Building Materials

With our years of experience and love of design, we know what works well in each space and we stay on top of new product innovation.  We can help guide you in the selection of the flooring and bath surfaces, countertops, plumbing and lighting fixtures, architectural detailing such as wood beams, tongue-and-groove ceiling inserts, modern ceiling designs, wainscotting, board & batton, cabinetry & built-ins... all of the endless design decisions! We are mindful of products that endure the test of time as well as material selections that require little maintenance.  

Whether you are planning new home construction or a renovation, let us help you with the design, details and direction of your project!


At Pathfinder, our goal is to help you transform your home into your dream residence!  Our extensive experience in home renovations and working one-on-one with clients ensure that no detail is overlooked! We are unique in that we work with 5-6 clients a year, so we really are there for you during all aspects of your project!  We guide you through each stage of the decision making, editing the endless choices to provide you with the very best options, and then stand back while you choose your favorites. We pull it all together into a home or condominium design that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours! Pathfinder supervises the entire project from initial design to completion, so you have a home that is thoughtful, organized, beautiful, and ready to enjoy!  Associate ASID 1969189.

Company Profile

The Pathfinder Group, Inc. was Incorporated in 1994.  

​​​​Rachel Pihakis, President &

Interior Designer, Associate ASID

George Pihakis II, CFO

What We Do:

Selection of Furniture & Accessories

Sourcing products from a wide variety of manufacturers, we select furnishings & design accessories that give your home a beauty and cohesive design that is unqiuely yours! We are known for interiors that are crisp, light and bright, and carry that out in a variety of design styles, staying mindful of our coastal Florida location. This service is invaluable for out-of-town 2nd home/codominium buyers... let us have your new place furnished & decorated in a matter of weeks for you to enjoy on your next trip down!

​We Love Design!

The Pathfinder Group, Inc.

designer of interiors

​ASID 1969189